Jill and Brad’s wedding “Sophisticated Simplicity” Pelican Hill Resort

Jill and Brad and I share a very common love-the great love we have for our familes. It was a sincere honor and priviledge to have been chosen to design and produce Jill and Brad’s wedding with them. I had been the wedding planner for Brad’s daughter, Brittney a few years before Jill and Brad’s wedding and having to have gotten to know this family, I found them all to be amazing. I was not only amazed by the love this couple displayed for one another so openly and deeply, but also for the love they showed for their families.

Jill and Brad wanted to celebrate their love with their families and friends and I was excited to help them with this very sophisticated, yet intimate celebration. Jill and Brad’s wedding was featured in The Bride and Bloom Magazine and the feature article was titled, “Sophisticated Simplicity”. The title chosen for the feature fit perfectly and I could have not have chosen better words to describe this wedding than that. Trumpets played as the Bride made her entrance and the entire family took part in the Unity Candle Ceremony. Even “Duke”, the couples’ Labrador Retriever, dressed for the occasion and looked very dapper in his collar which was custom made with roses.

We created a very regal, but natural and romantic look for Jill and Brad. Like many, The Resort at Pelican Hill is one of my most favorite venues and it is always a pleasure to work with the staff at the Resort. The Resort does not need to be touched. It has its own natural beauty and personality. However, when I partner with my friend and favorite floral designer, Nisie, from Nisie’s Enchanted Florist, to design a wedding together, we really get to know the couple and understand their vision. We always want to work with the location to enhance the environment and not work against it. Well, this was an easy task at The Resort at Pelican Hill. It was also an easy task working with an amazing floral designer like Nisie and her hard working and talented team.

We started with a palette of  timeless and classic colors of creams and champagnes and then introduced a soft, “butter” hue which really added a happy and uplifting mood to the overall design. I love this color. You certainly cannot get  a more classic and timeless feel by using creams and champagnes, but with the additon of the “butter” color, you get a welcome “pop” of color.

The grand, resort rotunda was covered with flowers and it appeared as if the flowers were growing naturally from its columns as flowers would be found growing in a garden in Italy. We used Tuscan urns and champagne-colored silk flower boxes to line the aisle which were filled with lush greenery and hedges adorned wtih roses to compliment all the beautiful hedges and iceberg roses that already exist at the Resort.

We continuned this romantic and enchanting mood into the Reception room with lush floral centerpieces with rustic, hanging candles. We added a touch of chocolate brown with the seamless, shiny, chocolate brown dance floor and golden, amber light gently kissed the entire room to give it a soft and romantic candlelit feel. It was a truly magical setting.

We added a touch of  sparkle to the table by adding oval “Bling” broaches to the napkins . Napkin Treatments are great and complete the look of the decor on the table. A simple sprig of rosemary, a ribbon, a small feather or a hand opened flower head placed on each napkin can really complete the decor on the table. It is all about the small details and these simple touches that can make a wedding unique and special.

The wedding cake was showcased on a gorgeous glass top table filled with floral and the cake itself sat atop a custom made fabric wrapped cake stand bordered with a touch of “Bling”. I love adding a little “Bling” here and there for a little sparkle. My Brides either like “Bling” or they do not, but like with anything , it is all about how it is presented.

An 11 peice Band from Wayne Foster serenaded the guests throughout dinner and then rocked the house later in the evening. The Reception Tables were named with words that define a Happy Marriage such as: “Love”, “Trust” and “Passion”. “Play” was one of the the Table names and “Play” is exactly what the Bride and Groom did with their guests throughout the day and into the evening. The guests enjoyed Signature Drinks of  Lemon Drop Martinis with Dry Ice (like the ones served at Mastros) and Margaritas.  An abundance of seafood was presented in several displays and delectable hors d’ oeuvres were butler passed such as Truffle Macaroni and Cheese Spoons. Okay, I just have to say that these are amazing. Of course I have tried them at the menu tastings with my clients as I have to make sure that everything is suitable for my clients :) Well, there is nothing better, trust me. The guests enjoyed late night snacks which included Truffle Fries, Mini Kobe Beef Sliders and Mini Milkshakes. While they ate their yummy snacks they enjoyed using the Photo Booth out on the Mar Vista Terrace provided by my favorite Photo Booth company, Foto Cabina. The Bride and Groom certainly “Played” and enjoyed the celebration.

Jill and Brad were a lovely couple to work with and they are the epitome of class and sophistication yet they possess so much flair and style and they really know how to celebrate with their family and friends. I had a great time watching the day unfold and felt nothing but love and laughter in the air at the Resort that day. This was a wedding and a couple that I will never forget. I wish Jill and Brad and their families a life filled wtih happiness. I know the celebration will live on for them every day of their lives.

Special Thanks to:

The Resort at Pelican Hill

Nisie’s Enchanted Florist

Aaron Delesie Photographer

Living Cinema

Foto Cabina 

Wayne Foster Entertainment 


…and as always, to my Fabulous Team!